Prime Corporate Wellness Retreats

Elevate your company's productivity, transform your employees' well-being

The primary goal of a corporate wellness retreat is to enhance employee well-being, boost morale, reduce stress, improve work-life balance, foster a positive company culture, and ultimately increase productivity and overall success within the organisation.

It provides an opportunity for employees to disconnect from their daily work demands, recharge, and gain valuable skills and insights to improve their overall health and performance.

A corporate wellness retreat takes employees away from their usual work environment to a serene and rejuvenating setting and provides a holistic experience that encompasses physical, mental and emotional well-being.

We partner with property owners across the country at beautiful venues and work with you to determine the right location for your business.

We consider everything you need from the property, whether it be number of bedrooms, space for group activities and room for group workshops. 

Whilst a longer retreat can be accommodated, we recommend a 2-night stay and tailor the itinerary to suit you.

Typically, exercise is scheduled first thing, followed by space (if desired) to use for work related activities.

The afternoons can consist of a range of wellness and exercise sessions, including Core Stability/Pilates, Strength, Stretch and Mobility, Breath work, Primal Flow and Guided Walks.

These practices are a perfect blend of movement and mindfulness to honour our ‘work in and work out’ holistic ethos. 

Reach out for a free discovery call to discuss your company requirements and to learn more about how we can help design the perfect retreat for your organisation.