Prime Wellness Retreat was born out of a strong desire to educate people on the importance of staying active, whilst avoiding burnout.

We believe that the modern day mentality of using exercise as a physical means to de-stress and over-exert, coupled with the rush of life's daily stressors is a recipe for a misaligned mind and body.

Our retreats bridge the gap beautifully between completely switching off on holiday and doing too much. We understand this principle deeply and help keep you inspired, productive and engaged whilst escaping from the rush of daily life. Giving you all the tools and self-care techniques you need to feel empowered to sustain healthy habits, long term.

An experience that promises to leave you feeling renewed, recharged and revived and with a newfound appreciation for life.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we want to help re-ignite your passion for well-being and feeling at your absolute best!

We strive to support our guests in discovering and reaching their full potential to live a balanced, inspired, healthy and happy life.