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In November 2023, we lead a corporate retreat at stunning Hinwick House in Northampton. The 3 day retreat was an amalgamation of wellness and relaxation, coupled with business strategy and development for the senior leadership team.

Guest feedback

I would highly recommend the wellness retreats with Charlie. He is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about many areas of wellness. He has given us easy-to-follow principles which means we can all live better.

What We Got Up To

  • Guided walk and nature connection

  • Nutrition and cookery demonstration

  • Movement and breathwork

  • Workshops on digital detox, technology awareness and work life balance

  • Sleep optimisation

  • Group reflection, goal setting, relationship building and stress management

Guest feedback

The best experience I have been to for a while. I did enjoy every part of the process. From beautiful and scenic accommodation, training delivered by Charlie, to early morning exercise and walks in nature. And the food was to die for. I have learnt so much and I am looking forward to the next one already!